Sharing my homestay experience: About my host family

Hugo Mucci Ferreira dos Santos is in ESL level 5 at our English school in Washington DC. He is from Brazil, and wrote about his homestay host mother. 

Ms. Smith* is my host mother and lives in Alexandria, Washington DC. She seems to be a normal retired woman, but she isn’t sitting around all day in her rocking chair. She likes to do many things, such as cooking, ironing, sewing, and gardening, and lives alone in a house with two floors, a big garden, a garage and a basement.

Ms. Smith is seventy, has blue eyes, isn’t very tall and has short white hair. She is an amazing cook, and knows how to make cupcakes, waffles and a special family recipe with pasta and cheese.

She has a big and beautiful garden in front of her house, with many flowers such as roses and daisies. On the sides of the house, she has planted corn, raspberries and strawberries.

She is also an excellent seamstress, because she makes a lot of clothes and costumes, and does it all, all the time and almost never stops.

It’s a very busy life for an elderly person, but she likes it and is happy with it.

*Name has been changed

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