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Foreign Languages – Government

Foreign language classes, interpretation, and translation

With more than 30 years’ experience in Washington DC, inlingua® has been one of the most trusted language schools for individuals, organizations, and government agencies. Language is one of the most basic human skills and is essential for successful political, military, or economic relationships at any level. Therefore, inlingua® Washington DC designs the most participatory and engaging language classes available anywhere, while deploying highly-skilled translators and interpreters for a wide range of assignments.

inlingua® Washington DC has trained thousands of students in dozens of languages, enabling them to succeed at the negotiating table, on the battlefield, or in sensitive places in every corner of the globe. When it comes to language training, the ability to understand not only what another person said but what they meant and then quickly reach for the right word, pronounce it clearly, and deliver it within an accurate grammatical context sets our students apart. The inlingua® Method is a communicative approach that trains the student in the target language, so that deeper sustainable fluency is achieved by the end of each and every lesson. This means that the student quickly internalizes the vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation of the target language preparing the student for real-world interaction in high-impact situations.

Our Federal Government clients include the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and many others. We are your agency’s bridge between the mission you are tasked to pursue and the languages your personnel need to carry out that mission, with reference to the competencies outlined by the Interagency Language Roundtable. When it comes to testing, our trainers are well-qualified to prepare your team to meet and exceed the standards set by the Foreign Services Institute, ACTFL, the Defense Language Institute, and other leading bodies.

At inlingua® Washington DC, we value each project, knowing that a single program officer with the right language skills, a new team ready to deploy to a crisis, or a cohort of translators making sense of a ream of complex documents all can make a profound impact.

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