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Foreign Languages

Government & Corporate Courses

With more than 30 years’ experience in Washington DC, inlingua® has been one of the most trusted language schools for corporations, organizations, and government agencies.  Our instructors have trained thousands of students in dozens of languages, enabling them to succeed at the negotiating table, on the battlefield, or in sensitive places in every corner of the globe. 

  • Foreign Language Classes: Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Farsi, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, and more.
  • Customizable courses and flexible schedules
  • Highly trained, professional and motivated language instructors
  • Classes offered at our language school, your department or agency, your home or office, and online

Start Learning a Foreign Language Today

Our foreign language programs are for students who need to improve their language skills for business, goernment, social, or academic purposes. The instructor will tailor the course to meet your individual needs, and you will participate in stimulating and challenging conversations in order to help you speak and think in the target language.


In this beginner course, you will learn to use the most common verb tenses and grammatical structures in order to meet basic communicative needs. You will also learn to express feeling and opinions and discuss common topics. Sample themes include at the hotel, food and drink, family, clothing, travel, the world around us, and weather.

Low Intermediate

In this intermediate level, you will learn more complex structures, verb tenses, and vocabulary to reach a level of limited working proficiency. You will be able to satisfy routine social demands and work requirements. Sample themes include health and the body, shopping, formality and politeness, talking about the future, and discussing problems and solutions.

High Intermediate

Upon completion of this high intermediate level, you will achieve a level of general professional proficiency. You will be able to fluently discuss a wide variety of issues and topics using complex structures and appropriate vocabulary. Sample themes include letter writing, telephoning, memories and experiences, politics, and traditions.

How we guarantee success

The 10 Inlingua® Method Training Principles

  1. · Only the target language is used.
  2. · The main training strategy is learning through speaking.
  3. · The focus on writing and reading is dependent on the learner’s needs.
  4. · Learners speak 80% of the time, trainers only speak 20% of the time.
  5. · Learners acquire language skills through examples and practice not theoretical explanations.
  6. · Learners are tested regularly to make sure they understand the material before learning new content.
  7. · Trainers tailor lessons to the individual needs of learners.
  8. · Trainers correct mistakes immediately so that the students learn to self correct while they speak.
  9. · Trainers keep a positive atmosphere through a variety of teaching techniques.
  10. · Student books are closed during most of a lesson to encourage maximum use of the language.

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All programs and courses provided by inlingua Washington DC are avocational
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