F-1 Visa Guide

How to get started studying English at inlingua® Washington DC:

Step 1 – Complete and sign both sides of the Inlingua DC Application for Admission.

Step 2 – Submit a clear, high-quality copy of your passport’s photo page. If you will be bringing any dependents with you, also include a copy
of their passport’s photo page(s).

Step 3 – Complete the Inlingua DC I-20 Application Form.

Step 4 – Submit a copy of the most recent bank statement or a certified bank letter of the person or company who will pay for your program
and living expenses while you are studying in the United States.

*If you are not the person who will pay for your program, the person or company responsible (your “sponsor”) must provide a signed
letter attesting that they will be responsible for supporting you during the entire period of your program. If your sponsor resides in the
United States, the signed letter must be notarized.
** The bank statement or certified bank letter must provide evidence of sufficient available funds to pay for all of your tuition (cost of
the program) plus living expenses ($330 per week).

These are the minimum funds that a student or sponsor needs to have available for living expenses based on the length of the
program (note: students with dependents will require additional funds for the living expenses of their dependents):

• 52 weeks = $17,160
• 39 weeks = $12,870
• 26 weeks = $8,580
• 13 weeks = $4,290
• 8 weeks = $2,640
• 4 weeks = $1,320

Please note: You must demonstrate sufficient available funds to cover both the living expenses and tuition.

Step 5 – After submitting all of the documents described above, you must make the following payments to Inlingua DC:
a. Registration and materials fee = $200 (this fee is non-refundable)
b. International shipping fee = $100 (for shipping your documents to a country outside the United States)
c. Payment of the last four (4) weeks of your program (if your visa application is denied by the United States government, this
payment will be refunded).

Step 6 – After you have submitted the required documents and made the required payments, Inlingua DC will make an admissions decision.
If your application is accepted (if you are determined to be eligible for the program), Inlingua DC will issue an official Letter of
Acceptance and Form I-20 and send it to you in your home country.

Step 7 – After being accepted by Inlingua DC and receiving your Form I-20 and Letter of Acceptance, you must make an appointment to
apply for your F-1 (student) visa at a United States embassy or consulate in your home country.

Step 8 – Before your scheduled appointment at the embassy or consulate, complete the Form I-901 application and pay the required $350
fee (note: this fee is charged and required by the United States government, not by Inlingua DC). You may pay the Form I-901 fee
by credit card at the following website: After you make the payment, please print out the
receipt because it will be required the day of the appointment at the United States embassy or consulate.

Step 9 – When your F-1 (student) visa is issued by the United States embassy or consulate, please contact Inlingua DC as soon as possible
to confirm your program start date.

Step 10 – On your first day of school, you must pay for the first four (4) weeks of your program if you are paying for the program in installments
(if you have already paid your program in full, no additional payment will be required), take our placement test and complete your
new student orientation session.

All programs and courses provided by inlingua Washington DC are avocational
in nature and not designed to prepare students for employment.