Student Visas

Student Visas

inlingua® Washington DC welcomes F-1 international students, residents, citizens, or other appropriate visa holders.

Contact us for more detailed information on the study options for your visa and non-visa category.

F-1 Status: Everything You Need to Know

At inlingua® Washington DC, our International Admissions team is ready to help you obtain a Form I-20, which will allow you to apply for an F-1 visa at a United States Consulate.

F-1 status is a visa status in the US that is used for full-time students enrolled in a program of study at an approved US school. Full-time students need to study 18 hours or more per week. F-1 visa status holders must be actively pursuing a course of study to be considered “in status” (Note: 18 hours refers to 18 clock hours and not to lessons—lessons are 45 minutes). 

How to get F-1 status to study English at inlingua® Washington DC:

Step 1 – Choose a full-time program of study at inlingua® Washington DC, such as inlingua® Premium PLUS, inlingua® Premium 25, Pre-college, Special Purpose, Test Preparation, or a full-time private tutoring schedule.

Step 2 – Apply and register for that program of study. inlingua® Washington DC will need the following in order to register you:

  1. A completed online application. You must include your full home country address.
  2. A copy of your passport.
  3. A copy of a bank statement from you or your sponsor showing that you or your sponsor has a liquid (available) balance of at least $7,140 USD. If your bank statement comes from a sponsor, they must fill out either the I-134 (for US-based sponsors) or the Financial Support Letter (for sponsors who live abroad).
  4. Payment for at least registration and a tuition deposit for 8 weeks. In certain cases, an official, recognized scholarship can be substituted for payment. Please contact us for more information.
  5. Payment of $365 SEVIS fee and, if applicable, the appropriate shipping fees for your I-20 and admission documents need to be sent to you in your home country

Step 3 – Once we have received all of the above, our admissions department will issue you a letter of acceptance and a Form I-20. We can mail these to you for a shipping fee or you may pick them up from the front desk.

Step 4 – After receiving these documents, you will make an appointment at your local US Consulate to apply for an F-1 visa. For more information regarding policies of specific US Consulates, please contact them directly.

Step 5 – Once you have received your F-1 visa, you may make arrangements to arrive in Washington DC before starting your program. We strongly encourage you to arrive in Washington DC at least 3 business days prior to starting your program. Your Form I-20 and acceptance letter will reflect your program start date. You are expected to arrive in person at our English language school in Washington DC (located in Arlington, VA, near the Rosslyn Metro station) in order to register at the front desk and take your placement test to determine your English level. The front desk will ask for a copy of your F-1 visa, as well as your local US address. Following this, you will begin your classes on your program start date.


Rules and Restrictions of F-1 Status:

  1. Your program start date is the date that your program is scheduled to start. We strongly encourage all F-1 status students to arrive at school at least three business days before their program start date. However, if you are already in the United States, you absolutely must come to inlingua® Washington DC on the day of your program start date. If you are not in the United States, we can defer your program start date to a later date; however, it is your responsibility to INFORM us of such circumstance BEFORE your program start date. This may require you to pay for and receive a new Form I-20 by express mail. Please keep in mind that once you have entered the United States, you must begin your classes within 30 days. Not beginning classes within 30 days is considered a violation of your F-1 status. This means that your Form I-20 will be terminated and you will be asked to leave the country.
  2. Once you have started your program of study, you are expected to follow to our attendance policy. All students are encouraged and expected to meet 100% attendance in their classes. F-1 status students must maintain a minimum of 80% attendance to be considered “in status.” Students falling below this level will be subject to negative consequences which can include probation or termination of your F-1 status.
  3. The sessions at inlingua® Washington DC are 8 or 4 weeks in length (depending on the program you select or in which you are placed). After each session, you will need to go to the front desk to register for the next 8 or 4 week session, as applicable. If you are holding F-1 status and have not registered for a new session, you are considered out of status and may have your F-1 status terminated.
  4. If you wish to return home for a short period of time, you must submit these requests to the International Student Advisor prior to the start of a session. Short vacations in the United States are also granted subject to our vacation policy. Please speak with the International Student Advisor before the start of a session to plan your short vacation in the United States. Do not make any plans to leave the United States or take a vacation without first consulting the International Student Advisor. Reminders are posted around the school and emails are sent prior to vacation request deadlines.

Please keep in mind at all times that maintaining your F-1 student visa status is your responsibility and that any change in your circumstances or condition that could affect your visa status must be promptly communicated in writing to one of our officers.


Important Information Concerning Your Visa Appointment at the United States Consulate

The following links give crucial information about preparing for your appointment at the United States consulate closest to your home. Please read through these websites to understand what to expect during your visa interview.


A general overview of the process of making an appointment and applying for a visa:

It is important to understand the reasons for which a consular officer may deny your visa application. Please read every section on this page carefully:

A map of advising centers funded by the US Dept. of State:  –


The webpage of the United States embassy or consulate where you will apply also has valuable information, in English and in the language(s) spoken in your country of residence.

Quick reference guide for maintaining status once in the US:

F-1 students who have been allowed to enter the United States on a student visa agree to maintain their nonimmigrant F-1 status.

Students must:

  • Register and begin classes at inlingua® on the start date listed on their I-20
  • Enroll in a full-time course of study at the beginning of every session (excluding authorized vacations, which must still be approved)
  • Consult with inlingua® before dropping below a full-time course of study for any reason
  • Maintain attendance of at least 80% and provide evidence of excused medical absences – please remember you can only attend a session that you have paid for in advance
  • Notify inlingua® prior to traveling outside the United States
  • Report any changes in program of study to inlingua®
  • Report any change in academic status to inlingua®
  • Notify inlingua® upon applying for change of nonimmigrant status
  • Notify inlingua® upon approval of an adjustment of status to an immigrant
  • Consult inlingua® to extend their program
  • Notify inlingua® if they intend to transfer
  • Notify inlingua® about changes in dependent status
  • Report address changes to inlingua® within 10 days of the change
  • Report any change in sources of financial support to inlingua®


Failure to do any of the above may result in loss of status and termination of the I-20.

The only inlingua® Washington DC staff members who can approve the items listed above are the International Student Advisor or Director. Please communicate with them for any questions.


Downloadable F-1 Student Application Guidelines