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inlingua English students next to the Potomac overlooking Rosslyn

Are you looking for the best English school in Washington DC?

inlingua® Washington DC – established, trusted, and well-respected. These things make us the premier English language institute, attracting the best ESL students from all over the world. As such, our English school is accredited by CEA and we are part of the largest network of independent language schools across the globe. Our small English classes, flexible programs, highly-qualified teachers, and excellent location set us apart!

Plus Foreign Language Tutoring!

Beyond accredited ESL courses, we also offer highly-effective foreign language training through placement with a well-qualified private Trainer. You and your Trainer will established a customized approach and individualized student learning outcomes with a flexible schedule.

We Use A Smarter Teaching Model – “The Communicative Method”

inlingua students using the inlingua method
The communicative method enables students to own the language learning experience, meaning that they are constantly practicing their English skills in a fun and interactive way during their English class. Teachers serve as guides to help students take full ownership of the language, giving students a greater role in language learning. Learning in the classroom at inlingua® is more authentic, rewarding, and life-changing, thanks to the communicative approach. Our unique focus on speaking during class enables students to learn English faster by using the language constantly.



We offer an Excellent, Well-Developed English Language Course at an Accelerated Pace:

English course in Washington DC with our proprietary inlingua materials
Based on more than 30 years as an English school in Washington DC, students enrolled in our accredited inlingua Premium Program and our  progress up to 50% faster than in comparable programs. We help our students learn more quickly by applying accelerated learning techniques. Accelerated learning leads to faster results. But the depth of knowledge does not get lost in the mix – with 80% student talk time, instant error correction, a wide variety of interactive activities, academic writing assignments, and constant student focus, we help students learn English faster and immediately use what they learn.

Our world-class language training method, proven materials, and highly-qualified native English speaking trainers make us the best language institute in Washington DC.

We’re different than the other schools, and so are our students: we offer a depth of learning they want – and need – at an accelerated pace. Our motto? Deeper fluency faster!

We Cross Language Barriers

Learn English and make friends!

Our staff and faculty are culturally sensitive and aware. Like our students,  our staff members come from all over the world (our trainers are native English speakers). inlingua® represents a global village, a village that strives – and succeeds – every day to cross language barriers. We welcome you to our language school and are excited to make you part of the family while you study English in the USA!

Our success in crossing language barriers makes us the best language school in Washington DC!




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