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F-1 refers to a type of visa that is reserved for non-immigrant individuals who come to the United States to study full time. It is also known as a student visa. The I-20 is an official government document that illustrates that you’re eligible for an F-1 visa. It confirms that (1) you are or will be a non-working student, (2) you have met the requirements of admission for our school, (3) you will complete your English course in its entirety, (4) you have demonstrated that you have sufficient funds to study in United States without suffering from poverty or working illegally.
According to federal law, Inlingua is permitted to accept nonimmigrant students.
In order to study English at our school, you must meet the immigration requirements as dictated by US law. If you need to obtain an F-1 visa, according to federal law, Inlingua is permitted to accept nonimmigrant students. For more information about this process, we encourage you to contact your embassy or local consulate. In order to verify your eligibility or for general information, please contact us.
Yes. At the beginning of your journey with us, you’ll take an hour long assessment. We’ll evaluate your assessment and use your scores to enroll you in the course that is best for your level of English.
No, you will not attend classes everyday. Both our Semi Intensive and Intensive English classes are held Monday through Thursday. If you choose to pursue private classes, you will be able to create your own schedule.
As part of your education, it’s vital to have educated, dedicated teachers. All of our instructors have the necessary credentials to teach English as a foreign language. Many of them also have experience living abroad and working in multicultural environments. Teachers at Inlingua are enthusiastic about your journey and offer relevant content as well as authentic materials to make each class exciting and engaging.
Inlingua is happy to provide student accommodation options, upon request. Students can elect to stay in a hostel, a homestay or even to share an apartment with other students.We strongly encourage you to begin looking for accommodation as soon as possible to find the best option for you.
Although it is not a requirement to travel within the United States, we strongly encourage you to obtain health insurance. If you already have health insurance, we suggest that you contact your current provider and inquire whether or not you’ll be covered whilst living in the United States.  If you don’t have health insurance, you have a few options. (1) Contact your credit card company to determine whether they can offer you insurance. If not, (2) you may also contact insurance companies within your home country to get insured before arriving to the United States. It is not necessary to have health insurance to study at our school; however, healthcare can become very expensive. With insurance, your costs are lessened. If you need additional information about healthcare you can learn more by visiting:
You should arrive at 8:30 on the first day of school or at the time instructed by the director of your school.
Please refer to our Intensive English Course page and select Additional Information to review our school calendars.
Yes, halfway through the term you will complete a Progress Test. At the end of the course you will take an Achievement Test.
Once you enroll, you’ll be able to begin classes on any Monday you choose.
Please follow the link to view our English school locations.
Yes, our facility has a lounge where you can relax during breaks.
Yes, we provide free WiFi to all students. We’ll share the password once you arrive!
In each classroom, there is a computer as well as a television. Additionally, our facility boasts computers and a small library.
Yes, Inlingua lends English books to students.
Inlingua is happy to provide many social and recreational activities for our students. Some events may include: a night at the movies, off-campus meals such as breakfast, lunch or dinner, sporting events, live music and more. Whilst attending these events, please remember to conduct yourself responsibly and appropriately. During each event, you are considered a willing participant. Inlingua cannot be held responsible for any incidents that may occur. Please refer to our school calendar as well as our social media pages for up to date information about upcoming events.
In order to be admitted into Inlingua you’ll need to complete a school application. We’ll also need a copy of your valid passport or any kind of US photo identification. Students that are utilizing the F-1 visa have additional requirements that can be reviewed here.
Age requirements are dependent upon the state you desire to study in. Give us a call for additional details.
Yes. Your schedule will be based upon your request in addition to classroom and teacher availability.
Yes, you will be able to attend classes regardless of class size.
Please review the Terms & Conditions for our official Refund Policy.
Yes. Before or shortly after your first day you will be required to complete a thorough student orientation to go over policies and expectation as well as answer all of your questions.
The IELTS is also known as the International English Language Testing System. It is used to engage English proficiency in non native speakers. The Academic IELTS can be used for university. The General Training IELTS can be used for business or immigration purposes. The TOEFL is also known as the Test of English as a Foreign language. The TOEFL certificate can be used by non native English speaking students to enroll in universities where English is the official language of the country.
Yes, Inlingua offers test preparation courses for both the IELTS and the TOEFL exams. We offer both private and semi-private courses.
Our test preparation courses include specially trained instructors as well as materials, tests and textbooks designed by the makers of the exams.
Yes, both certificates are very widely recognized by accredited universities, employers, immigration authorities and government agencies.
Yes, for your convenience, you’re able to take your IELTS and TOEFL  preparation courses as well as your exams at our language centers. We are an official testing center and the largest IELTS center in the US.

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