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Why You Should Stop Learning English Online (Alone)

Have you been considering learning English from an online program or course? It seems like more and more of these online English language programs are being developed. While computer-based learning can add some additional value, online courses simply cannot offer a language immersion learning experience like a true language school does.

While these online courses may be a cheaper option, you will not be receiving the same quality language training. They are often focused on vocabulary and grammar, and not on conversational speaking. Additionally, they may not be accredited. True English language schools should be accredited by a reputable organization. Accreditation organizations recognize a school’s ability to teach, test, and accommodate students.

Still tempted by the cheap cost and the ease of learning in front of a screen? Don’t do it. Let me tell you 8 reasons why you have to stop learning English online and should study English in Washington, DC.

1. Grammar and Vocabulary Drills Do Not Teach You How to Speak Naturally

Often, learning English online strictly involves learning vocabulary and grammar. You will be assigned vocabulary words to memorize and verbs to conjugate. While these are necessary, they are not nearly as important as knowing how to speak naturally. For example, these programs may have you memorize words and phrases that you will never actually use in conversational English. Wouldn’t you rather learn how to ask questions when traveling that matter or learn how to communicate in a professional setting effectively? You will not learn how to communicate with ease in conversation through a computer screen.

2. Truly Practicing Should Involve Speaking

When you take an online English language class, you may not even have to speak to another individual. With headphones on, you may only be memorizing words and phrases. True practice must involve speaking. You should be practicing English by constantly speaking it. If you are not involved in conversations with English speakers often, then you will not pick up on the language as quickly.

Attending an English language school means you will be surrounded by others learning the language and native speakers. You will constantly be practicing your new language. You will also discover how English speakers may phrase words differently than the way you have learned it from a book. The best language schools, like inlingua in Washington, DC, use the communicative method where students learn the language by speaking the language, with trainers serving as experienced guides. This method focuses on helping students learn how to communicate dynamically in situations they may find themselves in.

3. You Will Not Learn It As Easily or As Quickly Compared to Immersion

Furthermore, when you attempt to learn English online, you will move at a slower pace compared to immersion. When you are immersed, you are surrounded by people who speak English forcing you to learn how to master the language quickly. You will want to communicate with those around you, so you will try harder to learn the language. It is very different than when you are assigned homework or test preparation because you can study on your own time. When you take English courses in Washington, DC, you will be speaking English all day – while shopping, spending time with friends, and while touring the city.

4. Online Instruction Does Not Teach Cultural Idioms or Body Language

Each language is representative of its culture; each language is more than words. Body language and cultural idioms vary greatly from country to country. You cannot learn these things through online instruction. You will not learn how the people communicate in addition to words. For example, you will not learn which phrases are current trends and which ones are no longer used from an online course. But, you will learn these things from your peers.

5. You Will Not Learn About the Culture

Sitting in front of a computer screen, you will not learn the wonderful aspects of the culture. Learning a language is more than mastering vocabulary. You need to appreciate the culture to understand how the language is used. Language schools in Washington DC provide students with the opportunities to visit the capital of the United States, multiple government institutions, attend sporting and live music events, and tour world-class museums that foster an appreciation for culture and art – experiences you cannot have while sitting in front of a computer screen.

6. Less Qualified Teachers

Most people agree that it is best to learn languages from native speakers, and often these online programs do not employ native teachers. Additionally, the online teachers may be less qualified overall. Some of these online teachers have passed a test, but have little to no actual teaching experience. Wouldn’t you rather learn English from a qualified teacher who can personalize your instruction?

In a language school, you will be able to personally interact with your teachers. Some language schools, such as inlingua in Washington, DC, employ qualified trainers that work as language guides. Having a personal language guide in the room with you, who know knows you personally, is a more effective way to learn to communicate effectively compared to an online teacher drilling and testing you.

7. It Is Simply Not As Much Fun

Finally, learning English online is simply not as much fun as learning it in a language school. When you attend an English language school, you not only learn the language, you get opportunities to learn about the culture through social activities, sports programs, and more. Cultural events, social excursions, and social programs are a critical part of language acquisition, and they are fun! One of the finest language schools in Washington, DC – inlingua – offers a plethora of cultural experiences that are fun and exciting. Students get to see the places they are learning about in their readings and participate in the activities they have discussed in class. You cannot get the same kind of experience from an online class.

8. Online Learning Supports Live Classroom Training

Online learning is a great supplement learning tool. However, rather than learning solely online, you should consider language schools, such as inlingua, which have computer labs utilizing language software. The best language schools wisely incorporate computer-based learning to ensure that students develop English keyboarding skills for success in academic and professional environments and to give them additional access to self-paced, anytime learning. Nevertheless, this only enhances the speaking skills students are developing in the live classroom.

Given this list, hopefully, you can see why you should stop learning English online only and enroll in an English language school. If you want to master a language so that you may communicate in conversation with ease, then an English language school is the best option.

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