Want to Learn English by Studying Abroad? Look No Further Than Washington DC!

Learn English by Studying Abroad in DC - inlingua Washington DC
Want to Learn English by Studying Abroad? Look No Further Than Washington DC!

Now that you have decided to learn English through an immersive language program, the choice becomes where to study. But, honestly, this shouldn’t even be a question. Anyone wanting to learn English should study it where all the action happens – Washington DC!

Students who are enrolled in long-term programs at language schools in Washington DC are getting far more than an English class in DC – they are getting a truly immersive English language experience. Outside of their classroom, students will be surrounded by native English speakers and American culture. Everywhere they turn, they will hear and see English.

Plus, DC is home of the premier Washington language school, inlingua, which has been teaching students English for over thirty years. The school’s unique inlingua method is proven to help students develop English fluency more quickly than traditional programs.

Students who choose to study English in Washington DC at inlingua will also have the school’s assistance when it comes to finding accommodations and adjusting to life in America, as well as advisement when it comes to learning English for professional and educational pursuits.

If you are still considering another country or US city, let us show you even more reasons why Washington DC is the best place to learn English.

The Center of It All

DC is the capital of the United States. As the country’s capital, it is a bustling metropolitan area. It is also where all the major political decisions are made, and it is where the President of the United States lives. Students who study in DC have a front-row seat to American politics.

Historically and Culturally Relevant

Again, as the capital of the US, DC is historically and culturally relevant. DC is home to several national monuments, such as the Lincoln Memorial. Many of these national monuments are located on the National Mall and are free for public viewing. Additionally, DC is also a cultural hotspot. It is home to over twenty-five museums – many of which are free and open all year long! For example, students can visit the National Portrait Gallery, the National Zoo, or the National Museum of American History.

Budget-Friendly and Tourist-Friendly

Considering what we just discussed, it is easy to see that DC is a popular tourist destination. Tourists flock to this city year-round to visit the museums or to see history in the making. As many of the museums and monuments are free to visit, it is also budget-friendly. So, it is likely your friends and family from your home will want to visit you to see the sights and experience American culture as well.

A Cultural Melting Pot

While DC is the capital of the United States, it is not strictly a city full of Americans. Actually, DC is a cultural melting pot. In fact, there are over 150 embassies and international cultural centers around the district. No matter where you go in DC, you will see other cultures and nationalities represented.

In addition to the city being home to people from various countries, students who study English in DC will also be able to enjoy experiencing other cultures by sampling different ethnic foods and attending various cultural festivals and events like the European Union Open House.

Easy to Navigate Without a Car

No car? No problem! DC is a commuter-friendly city. Many locals and students living in the city rely on the DC Metro system to get around the district. In addition to the Metro, other locals ride bikes to get around town. The city offers bike-sharing programs such as Capital Bikeshare to make this easy and cost-friendly.

Plus, DC is a convenient place to study for those students hoping to explore more of America during their time in the States. For example, DC has three airports and multiple bus stations. If you want to visit New York City or Disney World or Hollywood while you are studying in DC, you can fly directly out of DC.

One of the Fittest Cities in the US

If you are health-conscious or an avid athlete, DC is a great place to study and stay in shape. It has been named the third most fit city in the US. This survey measured smoking rates, overall health, personal health (such as how healthy people eat and how often people exercise), and community factors (such as walkability rates). All across the district, you can find exercise groups and healthy eating options.

Great Weather Year-Round

Washington DC also has great weather all year long! Its location allows locals to experience all four seasons. Fall brings cool temperatures and beautiful fall colors. This also makes it a season with a number of outdoor festivals. Winter brings cold weather and snow! If you’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas, you may get to experience one while studying in DC. Spring brings new life, warmer weather, and the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Finally, summer in DC brings hot, humid weather making it an ideal time to enjoy one of the many aquatic activities around the DC area.

Home to the Top IELTS Testing Center

Of course, it is not all about having fun abroad. You are looking for a place to immerse yourself in the English language, so you can speak, read, write, and listen in English fluently. Many English language learners are studying the language to help prepare them to attend English-speaking universities. Others study English to help them in their careers.

If you are studying English for these reasons, then you know you will need to take and pass either the IELTS or the TOEFL. Students who choose to study at inlingua have the unique opportunity to study at the same place that has an English test center that has been awarded top IELTS Testing Center Award five years in a row. This means you can study and learn English at the same place where you can take these important tests.

It seems like an easy decision, doesn’t it?

Are you ready to study English in DC? Sign up for classes today!