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Top Ten Language Learning Tips from Inlingua Teachers

The Insider’s Scoop – The most effective ways to learn a language

We all know that learning a new language can be tough, especially when you are adapting to living in a new country. With so much to do in the Washington DC area, it can be challenging to focus on the main purpose of studying here – to learn English! With this in mind, we asked our talented and diverse set of teachers for their best advice on learning a language.

  1. Keep a diary of new words you learn. Also be sure to write down words you hear that you might not know, and then go back and look up the definitions later! By hearing as well as writing, and then looking up the definition, you will be more likely to remember these new words for future use!
  2. Watch movies and TV shows with English subtitles. You’ll be able to hear and see the words being spoken! Sometimes, watching the way people talk and the way their mouth moves can help your pronunciation, as different languages use different facial movements and muscles for pronunciation.
  3. Read news articles aloud every day. Look up the words you don’t know or have trouble pronouncing. After doing this, practice speaking by summarizing what you’ve read!
  4. Make friends who are native English speakers! When studying abroad at a language school, it is often easy to make friends with people who speak the same language as you or come from the same country. Forcing yourself to speak the language you are trying to learn, even when you might be slightly uncomfortable, is truly one of the best ways to learn a new language quickly!
  5. Read for pleasure! Regular reading in your free time can do a lot to improve your English language skills. We’re not just talking reading comprehension here – but also speaking and writing as well. Choose a topic or a subject that you love when finding a book! This will make the learning process enjoyable.
  6. Practice, practice, practice. Take your English speaking skills and go out into the real world to practice! Go to a restaurant and order in English. Participate in student activities offered here at Inlingua and go out to museums!.There are a multitude of ways in which you can use the English you learn in the classroom in a practical setting.
  7. Find a partner! By finding a friend who is willing to practice English with you, you have an instant ally in your language learning quest. Get together at a coffee shop, order coffee (in English, of course!), and sit down to practice speaking English and to review and quiz each other on new vocabulary words. Sometimes having some support can mean all the difference!
  8. Listen to the radio while doing basic chores or tasks. Turn on a radio talk show while doing your laundry, for example. Just listening to the way the language sounds as well as hearing new vocabulary can help improve your overall language abilities! The more you listen to a language, the more familiar you become with it and the easier it is to speak!
  9. Talk to yourself in English. While this might sound strange, talking to yourself in the language you are trying to learn can truly help you become accustomed to and more comfortable with speaking a new language – especially if you do not get to practice using it all the time. It will keep your vocabulary strong as well as giving you an extra boost of confidence for the next time you use your English!
  10. Don’t stress! Many language learners get nervous or anxious when using their English initially. Most people are more than happy to help English-language learners by correcting them and they are usually very patient! Don’t worry about mistakes, relax, and just use your English as much as you can. You’ll learn faster than you think!


By using these ten language-learning tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a fluent English speaker in no time!