Top 10 Spring Activities in DC for Students

Top 10 Spring Activities in DC for Students
Top 10 Spring Activities in DC for Students

Spring brings DC back to life with warmer weather and beautiful blossoms. For students attending language schools in Washington DC, spring is a perfect time to explore DC and immerse yourself in the English language and American culture.

The average temperature in April is 67 degrees making it a great month to get outside in DC. With warmer temperatures, it seems like everyone in DC is excited to take off their winter coats and spend time outdoors. Students attending a Washington language school should expect to see more people out and about taking advantage of the springtime weather.

Spring also ushers in major festivals like the National Cherry Blossom Festival that bring visitors to the DC area. Plus, spring break trips will bring even more travelers to the city. Students should anticipate busier roads and more crowds during this time of year. But, the weather and the beauty of the season will make up for it.

Students who have chosen to study English in Washington DC should make a point to enjoy some quintessential springtime DC activities. We’ve identified some of the most popular things to do in DC in the spring to help you plan your social calendar.

  1. Attend the National Cherry Blossom Festival

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most popular events of the spring in DC. It runs from March 20th – April 14th throughout the city, but it is centrally located by the Tidal Basin. In addition to viewing the historic tree’s blooms, there are tons of fun events. For more information, see All You Need to Know about the 2019 National Cherry Blossom Festival.

  1. Cheer on the Nationals

There is no better way to immerse yourself in American culture than attending a baseball game. Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. Home to the Washington Nationals professional baseball team means students have the chance to go to home games and cheer on the home team. Just make sure you wear a baseball hat and eat a hot dog at the game to experience the game the American way.

  1. Visit Passport DC

Passport DC takes place in May in DC which includes street festivals, performances, exhibitions, workshops, and more. This year’s events will include the Around the World Embassy Tour, European Union Embassies’ Open House, and the Fiesta Asia! Street Festival.

  1. Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd is a celebration of the Earth. This special day reminds us to respect the Earth and treat it with care. Earth Day 2019’s theme is “Protect Our Species.” Throughout DC, there are different Earth Day events. This year’s Earth Day event on the National Mall will include the March for Science which will include the march, a rally, music, and more.

  1. Eat Easter Brunch

Even if you are not celebrating the religious holiday Easter, you can enjoy some of the Easter fun in the area. For example, while the White House Easter Egg Roll caters to families celebrating the holiday, it is also a popular day to eat a fancy brunch. While you study English in DC, brunch is a must!  Many area restaurants will offer a special Easter brunch menu. This meal falls between breakfast and lunch and treats people to delicious food offerings that are standard at both meal times. Plus, brunch includes drinks like mimosas.

  1. Watch the Animals

Spring is a great time to visit the National Zoo. The weather is not just comfortable for you – it is comfortable for the animals! If you wait to visit the zoo in the summer, you risk not seeing much animal activity due to the heat. During the spring, the zoo animals are more active and playful. Plus, visiting the National Zoo is free! It is a great place to take a break and enjoy the outdoors.

  1. Dine Outdoors

Make dinner plans with your friends from your English class in DC. Eating together will provide ample opportunities to practice listening and speaking in English. Plus, you can take advantage of the springtime weather and dine outdoors. Many DC restaurants offer outdoor seating. There are also several rooftop bars in the area. If you are worried about money, you can always pack a picnic and head to one of the many green spaces in DC.

  1. View the National Monuments Day or Night

One of the perks of attending language schools in DC is being close to history. For example, DC is home to several National Monuments that are free to visit. Part of what makes living in DC as a student fun is that you get to visit these monuments anytime you want – day or night no matter the season. However, spring makes a good time to visit because of the temperatures. You won’t sweat during the day or freeze in the evening. Plus, spring means you can take advantage of daylight hours lasting longer.

  1. Enjoy the Flowers

In addition to attending the National Cherry Blossom Festival, you should also make it a point to enjoy the rest of the blooming flowers throughout the DC area. For example, make your way to the US Botanic Garden. Springtime is the best time of year to visit because you get to see all the beautiful flowers blooming. Plus, you can enjoy the roses at the White House and the International Floral Exhibit at the Washington National Cathedral at the Flower Mart on May 3rd and 4th.

  1. Ride a Bike

Spring offers excellent bike riding weather. As a bike-friendly city, DC offers bike-sharing programs such as Capital Bikeshare, as well as safe bike lanes throughout the city. Not only is this a healthy way to get around the DC area, but it is also a fun and memorable way to see some of the popular tourist sites. The Washington Language School, inlingua, is conveniently located by a Capital Bikeshare location.

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