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Need to Save Money? Check Out These Washington DC Student Discounts!

If you have already budgeted to study English in Washington DC, then most likely you are looking for ways to save extra money. Studying in the US is not exactly cheap; however, many students who take English courses in Washington DC find that there are many ways to stretch their budget.

For example, students at the Washington language school, inlingua can find accommodations within their budgets and budget-friendly transportation options like Capital Bikeshare. These are necessary expenses for any student.

But, there is much more to learning English than going to class and studying. Students who attend language schools in DC gain a truly immersive English language experience. Everything you do provides them with opportunities to learn English – this includes all the fun stuff, too!

It is for this very reason that DC is the best place to study English in the US. There are endless options for fun and learning in DC – and many of these options are cost-affordable! Numerous museums in the DC area are free, but that’s not all! If you are a student attending one of the language schools in Washington DC, you qualify for Washington DC student discounts!

This means that in addition to all the places you can visit for free already, there are tons of other things you can do in DC for cheap. To help give you a quick overview of the types of discounts available for students in DC, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite deals. This is not an exhaustive list, so you should always have your student id on you and be prepared to ask about student discounts.

Student discounts are subject to change, so ask before you purchase.

Movie Theaters

During the summer, students love to watch movies outdoors for free. While these free outdoor movies tend to only happen during the summer months, students will still be happy to know they can see the latest blockbusters at a discounted rate.

Live Entertainment

Tickets for live shows and sporting events are not cheap, but with your student id, you can get a nice discount.

  • Wolf Trap Concert Tickets– 50% off thirty minutes before the show
  • National Theatre– A limited number of half off tickets to Tuesday and Wednesday evening performances and Sunday matinees
  • Folger Theatre– Offers a variety of student discounts including half-price tickets to performances and $15 college night performances
  • Kennedy Center– Offers half off tickets for select performances
  • Washington Nationals– Offers student discount tickets in five seating locations


If you want to keep up appearances, you will need to make a few trips to a salon. However, salons can vary greatly when it comes to cost. And, many salons are far too expensive for the average student. Thankfully, there are plenty of other salons around the DC area that cater to students who need to maintain their hair while still being able to afford the essentials. Additionally, many area nail salons offer student discounts.


Dc is a healthy and fit city. You absolutely can find ways to exercise for free or for cheap. People frequently walk and bike, and you will find numerous fitness groups meet in the area parks. But, if you prefer a gym-like setting to maintain your fitness routine, you will be happy to discover that some DC gyms offer student discounts.


With the large number of free Smithsonian museums in DC, it seems a little silly to include museums that offer a student discount. However, some museums are worth the price on the ticket. Luckily for you, as a student, you can get in for even less than the price on the ticket!


You will end up spending a large chunk of money on food, so it makes sense to look for food discounts. We have only identified a few places that offer student discounts for food, but most places offer discounts and promotions to customers throughout the year.


Did you know that being a student also means you can get discounts on technology? For instance, Apple offers a percentage off when purchasing Apple products and Amazon offers a free six-month prime membership for students. Plus, Spotify offers $5 off your monthly subscription


While you will travel to DC with a suitcase full of clothes, it is likely you will want (or need) to buy some more clothes during your stay. For example, as seasons and temperatures change, so will your wardrobe. As winter arrives, you will need winter gear. Fortunately, many popular clothing stores offer student discounts.

Newspaper Subscriptions

For students learning English, a great way to use your student status is to receive a discount on newspaper subscriptions. Reading the news is a great way to learn English and stay up to date on what is happening nearby and around the world.

While it will cost money to study English in DC, think of it as a long-term investment. You are investing in your future. By learning English, you are improving your future career opportunities, which means you will have a return on your investment.

Have more questions about studying English in DC? Speak with inlingua today!

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