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Foreign Languages – Group Classes

Whether you need to learn a foreign language for work, travel, or personal reasons, our language school in Washington DC is the perfect place for you.

Our communicative approach means that you learn the language by speaking the language. Our teachers use methods aimed to maximize student talk time and use of the target language inside the classroom. This is true at all language learning levels from beginner to advanced.

Teachers are trained to accommodate different learning styles and natural intelligences. With our participatory style, students will notice their competencies and comprehension improving at a fast rate! Though some students request to work with a particular text book, trainers remain open to a variety of more individualized approaches. Resources such as books, multi-media materials, and handouts provide plenty of exercises for students to improve their listening, reading, and writing at home.

Our foreign language classes involve students in authentic communication as often as possible, including using the target language as the training language. This is true whether the language course is training Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, French, or any other language.

Lessons can include a variety of topical integrated-skills activities, which include question and answer activities, pair work, games, discussions, weaving drills, role plays, multimedia activities, oral presentations, group projects, and class celebrations. The lessons are student-centered, engaging, and interactive.

This program exposes students to a very controlled method of correction in speech, which helps to expose and correct fossilized errors in real time. This helps the student to develop deeper fluency faster with greater levels of accuracy.

Are you ready to learn a new language, brush up on a second language, or perfect another language for the next step forward in your life or career?

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