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On-Campus Student Employment

Learn to Make Lattes at inlingua's Coffee Shop

Work and Study in the USA

International Students with an F-1 Visa are allowed to work in the US if the school where they are studying hires them for part-time on-campus employment. Otherwise, the F-1 Visa does not allow International Students to work outside of their schools. This is a great practical addition to English classes!

inlingua® Washington DC recently opened Central Coffee Bar (, and for that reason, we are able to hire a high number of inlingua students. The coffee shop is just a few steps from your English classes.

Our students also have the opportunity to work for our test administration business, which administers the TOEFL and IELTS exams. Both of these opportunities allow International Students who are here to study English a great chance to practice the language with American coworkers and customers outside of English classes, learn valuable new skills, and also to earn money. Students may work no more than 20 hours per week. The coffee shop generally pays starting employees the minimum wage, $7.25 per hour. If students work 20 hours per week they will earn between $580 and $880 per month (on average they receive $3/hr in tips).

The work with our IELTS and TOEFL Test Center has fewer hours per week, but pays more per hour.

Work with our English Testing Department

How does the program work and what are the requirements?

  • Students must be studying on an F-1 visa and maintain student status (English classes or other languages)
  • Students must take our online placement test and score at least a B1 (low intermediate)
  • Along with the application to inlingua, students apply for on-campus employment by submitting a resume/CV, and a preference of the Test Center or Coffee Shop/Bar.
  • If the Hiring Manager is interested, we will schedule a Skype video chat interview.
  • If successful, student will receive a conditional offer. There will be a final interview in-person upon arrival to verify that the candidate is a good fit.

Keep in mind, that while unlikely, the manager could terminate employment for any reason, including poor performance in the job, not getting along with coworkers, etc.

Students must apply for, and receive, a Social Security number and card from the Social Security Administration before they can be allowed to begin their employment. Our team will be able to advise on this simple process.

Apply for Student Employment Today!

Take English classes, gain valuable experience, and earn a supplemental income. We look forward to seeing you as our next barista or test administration staff, and in the classroom at inlingua® Washington DC where you will gain deeper fluency faster and benefit from:

  • Location in the heart of the nation’s capital
  • Small class sizes
  • Public transport accessibility
  • Afternoon student activities program
  • Highly-qualified native-speaking Trainers
  • Homestay families or inlingua® Residence apartments
  • World-class training approach —The inlingua® Method

We also have a highly-experienced International Student Advisory team who will be able to assist you with the entire student visa process.

English classes with practical experience and additional income is a great way to study English in the USA!

All programs and courses provided by inlingua Washington DC are avocational
in nature and not designed to prepare students for employment.