English Program

English Program

At our language school, inlingua® Washington DC, we use the inlingua® Method in our ESL classes, which is an active mode of training where you learn by speaking and using the language. In this context, we continually train grammar, pronunciation, develop vocabulary, and teach strong writing skills. Our Intensive English Program starts with a simple test of your current English ability. This test helps us know which of our 10 levels of English classes will be the best starting point for you.

After the placement test, you will purchase your book. For our inlingua® Premium General English courses (Levels 1-9), you will be using our own inlingua® material, which is specifically designed to go with our inlingua® Method, where you “learn by speaking.” Your trainer will guide you as you progress step by step through higher levels of English fluency. For students who are just starting to learn English, we have a Foundation course that is perfect for beginners.

The inlingua® training method

You can begin classes any week of the year! We are open for English classes 52 weeks of the year and receive new students every week. Each session lasts 8 weeks and each class day includes multiple learning units, so you can just jump in, join a class, and come away on your first day with new English skills.

Do you want to know what you will be able to do after successfully completing each level?

See our Achievement Scale below to learn more.

We have 4 different modes of English training. Click on the one that’s right for you:

General English Courses

Perfect for both Academic and Professional English (ESL) – start at your current level of English and progress day by day to higher levels of proficiency from Level 1 to Level 9. This track is best for most students and is a comprehensive English course—it is the most popular course in our English school.

Special Purpose English Courses

Our Special Purpose track is for students who have completed or tested out of inlingua® Premium Level 6 (high intermediate) and want to focus on a particular area of English. Options include: Pre-College, Academic Writing, International Business English, Legal English. This track is best for upper level students who have a need to focus on a specific topic or skill.

Test Preparation

For students who plan to take a standardized English exam, we have IELTS and TOEFL iBT group test preparation classes available. Students are required to complete or test out of inlingua® Premium Level 6 to join the class. Test Prep classes focus on all 4 skills that are tested: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Private Tutoring

For maximum flexibility, consider private tutoring. Our tutors will custom design a training program to meet your specific needs and schedule. Semi-private tutoring is also available, which can be ideal for friends or family with similar levels and training goals.

Know which option is best for you? Great!

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What you will learn in each level (the inlingua Achievement Scale)

For levels 5 through 8, inlingua Washington DC has Business English courses that are offered from time to time, depending on student interest. The level descriptions above generally apply, though the Business English courses focus more narrowly on vocabulary used in professional settings.

The Advanced English for Contemporary Issues class is designed to develop level 7 reading, speaking, and writing skills, in preparation for academic or professional work.

When scoring Speaking and Writing at inlingua Washington DC, we use the IELTS Public Band Descriptors to describe the level and quality of English. You can see our scoring scale here.