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Access & Opportunity at Inlingua Washington DC

Crossing Language Barriers:

Our success in crossing language barriers makes us the premier language institute in the Washington DC area.”


Inlingua Washington DC and The Washington Center:

Inlingua Washington DC and The Washington Center entered into an agreement whereby Inlingua will provide English language training to the participants of Mexico 100. Designed and administered by The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, Mexico 100 is funded by the Department of Education of Mexico and the Department of Social Development as part of the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Initiative. Mexico 100 provides technical and academic skills training for professional development to one hundred committed students from public schools in Mexico. These young Mexican leaders will spend one semester in Washington, DC receiving training at The Washington Center’s academic training facility while doing an internship with different participating civil society organizations in the greater Washington DC area. Commencing this October, this program will continue to sponsor one hundred participants for the Spring 2015 semester, with potential for extension for subsequent semesters.  Inlingua Washington DC is honored with the opportunity to participate in such an ambitious program by enabling its participants to improve their English language skills as they embark in their professional development journeys.   Mexico 100 English training in Washington DC

Inlingua Washington DC and The Centro Paula Souza:

Earlier this year, Inlingua Washington DC, through one of its main agents in Brazil, entered into an agreement to provide English language training in its main campus to hundreds of academically excelling students from the Sao Paulo State Public School System. This fantastic program is being sponsored by Centro Paula Souza, a Sao Paulo State government agency. These two programs allow Inlingua Washington DC to contribute to the academic and professional development of young adults that would otherwise not have access to such a fantastic opportunity. We are certain that the skills acquired by all the participants will better equip their respective countries to become more competitive in the global arena.

A Mistake is Courage in Disguise: How Our Students Inspire Us

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

Human beings strive to be perfect. Perfection is so highly sought after that people oftentimes steer clear of imperfection in all areas of their life. But trying to be perfect when learning another language will lead to failure. Because the key to successfully learning a new language is based upon acceptance, acceptance that mistakes will be made. With each mistake made, and careful attention to revising those mistakes, a foundation is built towards improvement, and ultimately towards achieving fluency.

Consider the apprentice baker under the guidance of a seasoned baker. With support and guidance from the seasoned backer, the apprentice baker must make mistakes when trying new recipes before she has succeeded in all of her confectionery creations.

The same principles apply to learning a language.

At inlingua, we are all inspired by the way in which our students strive to improve from their mistakes, from their willingness to try new things in the classroom, from all the risks that they take. We see how they change as individuals through the mistakes they make. And we are reminded that a mistake, especially when learning language, is just another way to describe great courage.

So when a student first says, “I want to study English,” she is taking the first step in the English language journey, and that in and of itself takes a great deal of courage.

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Sharing my homestay experience: About my host family

Hugo Mucci Ferreira dos Santos is in ESL level 5 at our English school in Washington DC. He is from Brazil, and wrote about his homestay host mother. 

Ms. Smith* is my host mother and lives in Alexandria, Washington DC. She seems to be a normal retired woman, but she isn’t sitting around all day in her rocking chair. She likes to do many things, such as cooking, ironing, sewing, and gardening, and lives alone in a house with two floors, a big garden, a garage and a basement.

Ms. Smith is seventy, has blue eyes, isn’t very tall and has short white hair. She is an amazing cook, and knows how to make cupcakes, waffles and a special family recipe with pasta and cheese.

She has a big and beautiful garden in front of her house, with many flowers such as roses and daisies. On the sides of the house, she has planted corn, raspberries and strawberries.

She is also an excellent seamstress, because she makes a lot of clothes and costumes, and does it all, all the time and almost never stops.

It’s a very busy life for an elderly person, but she likes it and is happy with it.

*Name has been changed