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Getting Around Washington DC
No Car? No Problem! Another Reason DC is the Perfect Place to Study English

Are you considering studying English in the US? This is great news! Studying English in a country where it is spoken is a wise decision. It is always better to immerse yourself in a country and culture when learning a language.

So, now that you’ve decided you want to study English in the USA, you need to narrow down your options. There are many things to consider when choosing a language school such as accreditation, costs, and location. For instance, many international students prefer language schools in DC or other metropolitan cities because they offer more student activities and are easier to navigate.

When it comes to deciding on a location, language schools in Washington DC offer something that other schools do not – ease of transportation. As an international student, it is unlikely that you will want to buy a car just for the duration of your English class in DC. Instead, you will be looking for other ways to get around. Fortunately, as other students taking English courses in Washington DC will tell you, DC is a highly accessible city.

If you are worried about how you will navigate a large, metropolitan city like DC, we’re here today to show you how easy it is for students studying abroad to get from point A to point B.

A Walkable City

Anyone who visits DC will quickly discover that DC is a walking city. The city is designed with pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. You will find crosswalk signs and signal lights indicating when it is safe or unsafe for pedestrians to cross the street. Given the pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, it is not surprising to see many people walking to get from one place to the next. This is also one of the reasons DC has been named one of the fittest cities in America.

Ultimately, where you find student accommodations will factor into whether you can walk from home to class, but even if you cannot walk to school, you will be able to walk around the city. Whether you are walking to lunch or walking around the National Mall, you will find that walking is an acceptable form of transportation and activity in DC.

Biking Galore

In addition to pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, DC is also a bicycle-friendly city. In fact, it was named one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US. It has invested in 80 miles of bike lanes and a bike share program. According to the Washington Post, DC has “the second-highest share of bike commuters among major U.S. cities.”

Capital Bikeshare is a district-wide bike sharing program that is open to anyone. It has 4000 bikes with 400 bike stations throughout the region. All you have to do is join the program (online or at a bike share kiosk), unlock a bike, ride it, and then return the bike to any station. Students at the Washington language school, inlingua, have a Capital Bikeshare station directly in front of the school!

Plus, there are over 3500 bike racks in downtown. If you have your own personal bike, you can use the district’s bike racks. Just make sure you have a bike lock and that you use it!

A Superb Bus System

Another popular means of transportation in the US is the various city bus systems. Students in DC are lucky to have the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). Riders pay a fee that is dependent on their route through the city. The metro bus system is popular because it is cost-effective.

Students taking English classes in DC who plan to use the Metro will benefit from using a Smart Card. This is a rechargeable card that provides users with users with reduced rates for bus and metro rail fares. Inlingua students will be happy to find city bus stops right by their school.

In addition to buses taking riders to various points in DC, buses are also a means of transportation across the US. For example, there is a bus station directly across from inlingua that offers direct bus rides to New York City.

Ride the Metro

The DC Metrorail is another part of the WMATA public transportation system. The DC Metrorail system is the second busiest rail transit system in the US with 91 stations and six rail lines throughout the region. Students will be happy to discover it is safe, reliable, and clean. It is one of the most popular means of transportation in the area, and as discussed above, students should consider the Smart Card for a reduced rate. Another inlingua perk is that the school is located only one block away from a major Metrorail station.

Use Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft, and Via are quickly becoming a major means of transportation for students. Ride-sharing services are app-based services that allow users to find rides and split costs with fellow passengers. While most students will not use Uber or Lyft for everyday transportation, these are great for exploring the city with friends.

Take a Taxi

There are several Taxi companies throughout the region with fares being determined by meters. In addition to the fare, riders are expected to tip the driver. Therefore, it is more costly than other options. Most students will only use taxis when they cannot use another option, but it is good to know that if you needed a quick ride to the airport, you could find one easily.

Other Means of Transportation for Exploring the USA

Finally, it is important to point out that while you will be studying abroad in one US city, you will want to visit other destinations. It is important to use the time you are in America to see America! Fortunately, this is possible for international students without cars. DC is home to three airports making it convenient to travel from here to there. Additionally, you can explore the US via trains such as Amtrak.

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Private English Classes or Group Lessons in DC - inlingua Washington DC
Private English Classes or Group Lessons? Which is the Right Fit for You?

You know you want (and need) to learn English. However, are you stuck trying to decide between taking private English classes or group lessons? If so, you are not alone. It is a difficult decision, and one that varies from person to person. Some students learn best in private English classes while other students learn better in group classes.

As you consider taking English courses in Washington DC, this is one of the things you should think about when choosing a Washington language school. For instance, some language schools in DC only offer group lessons, which means those looking for private English classes will need to eliminate these from their lists. Fortunately, schools like inlingua, offer various programs to meet the needs of all types of students.

Ultimately, you will want to choose a school and an English program that will be the most effective at helping you learn how to use English fluently. To help you make this decision, let’s discuss the key differences between private English classes and group English lessons.

Factor in Your Personality

No two people are alike, so what works for one student may not work for another. For instance, if you are introverted and shy, you may feel more comfortable in private English classes where you learn English one-to-one. In contrast, some students are more outgoing and extroverted and thrive in interactive group settings. These students will most likely benefit from group English lessons.

Private English Classes are More Flexible.

Private English classes offer students more flexibility. In group lessons, you will have set class times and a regular class schedule. However, private lessons can be scheduled around your schedule. If you need to arrange lessons around your work schedule, this is a great option.

Private English Classes are Tailored to Meet Your Needs.

Since private classes offer one-to-one instruction, your lessons can be tailored to meet your needs. You can tell your tutor or trainer your goals, and he or she can develop a curriculum designed to help you meet these goals. For example, if you are hoping to learn English for business, then your lessons will be tailored towards learning how to speak business English.

Private English Classes Allow You to Work at Your Speed.

In group lessons, you will move through lessons alongside your classmates meaning you may feel behind or held back depending on where you are. However, in private lessons, you move at your own speed – not moving forward until you have mastered a skill. Likewise, you can also move forward without having to wait on others.

Private English Classes Provide Personal Attention.

In private classes, you will have all your teacher’s attention. If you need help or have a question, you can receive help instantly. In group lessons, you will have to wait your turn. Additionally, it means all your conversations will be with the teacher rather than having to practice conversations with fellow students.

Private Classes are More Expensive.

Typically, private English lessons are more expensive than group lessons which is a major determining factor for many students.

Group English Lessons are More Interactive.

Group English lessons are more interactive than private lessons. In group lessons, students will interact with the teacher and each other. There will be opportunities to practice conversations, as well as role play, work together on projects, and play educational games.

Group English Lessons are More Immersive.

For students wanting a truly immersive experience, group lessons give students opportunities to immerse themselves in the language. In group classes, students interact with one another, but they also learn about American culture together through class celebrations, activities and field trips.

Group English Lessons Help You Learn from Others.

While you will have your teacher’s full attention in private lessons, in group classes you will learn from your classmates on a regular basis. By listening to your classmates speak and ask questions, you will be learning things you may not have thought about on your own.

Group English Lessons Led to New Friendships.

One of the best parts about studying a new language is that it presents you with the opportunity to develop new friendships. By speaking English, you will be able to become friends with others who speak English. A major perk of group English lessons is that you will learn a common language and make new friends as a result.

Group English Lessons are More Affordable.

Group English lessons tend to be more affordable than private English lessons. This is a big reason why many students choose to take group lessons over private lessons. However, as you can see, cost is only one factor in choosing between private or group English lessons. The most important factor is finding a program that meets your English learning goals.

Still Unsure? Consider Combo Programs!

After reading through the comparisons, you still may feel torn. It is a hard decision because both private and group lessons are effective. If you are looking for an intensive English program designed at developing fluency, then look no further than inlingua. In addition to offering general English programs with nine levels ranging from beginner to proficient, inlingua also offers special purpose programs, a pre-college program, and combo programs.

If you want the best of both worlds, inlingua’s combo program is what you want! This unique program combines their General English Program and private lessons. This ensures students who want additional personalized instruction can receive it in addition to their group lessons. However, they still get to participate in all the group lesson fun.

Plus, there is no need to worry about intimidating large classes at inlingua as their average class size is only 8 students. Or, you can choose to take a semi-private lesson with inlingua. These classes have 4 students or less.

Furthermore, inlingua personally pairs students with a trainer for private lessons by considering the student’s learning style and English needs. While students in the general English program will gain valuable IELTS test preparation, some students choose to benefit from additional test prep lessons.

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Check Out These Washington DC Student Discounts - for international students
Need to Save Money? Check Out These Washington DC Student Discounts!

If you have already budgeted to study English in Washington DC, then most likely you are looking for ways to save extra money. Studying in the US is not exactly cheap; however, many students who take English courses in Washington DC find that there are many ways to stretch their budget.

For example, students at the Washington language school, inlingua can find accommodations within their budgets and budget-friendly transportation options like Capital Bikeshare. These are necessary expenses for any student.

But, there is much more to learning English than going to class and studying. Students who attend language schools in DC gain a truly immersive English language experience. Everything you do provides them with opportunities to learn English – this includes all the fun stuff, too!

It is for this very reason that DC is the best place to study English in the US. There are endless options for fun and learning in DC – and many of these options are cost-affordable! Numerous museums in the DC area are free, but that’s not all! If you are a student attending one of the language schools in Washington DC, you qualify for Washington DC student discounts!

This means that in addition to all the places you can visit for free already, there are tons of other things you can do in DC for cheap. To help give you a quick overview of the types of discounts available for students in DC, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite deals. This is not an exhaustive list, so you should always have your student id on you and be prepared to ask about student discounts.

Student discounts are subject to change, so ask before you purchase.

Movie Theaters

During the summer, students love to watch movies outdoors for free. While these free outdoor movies tend to only happen during the summer months, students will still be happy to know they can see the latest blockbusters at a discounted rate.

Live Entertainment

Tickets for live shows and sporting events are not cheap, but with your student id, you can get a nice discount.

  • Wolf Trap Concert Tickets– 50% off thirty minutes before the show
  • National Theatre– A limited number of half off tickets to Tuesday and Wednesday evening performances and Sunday matinees
  • Folger Theatre– Offers a variety of student discounts including half-price tickets to performances and $15 college night performances
  • Kennedy Center– Offers half off tickets for select performances
  • Washington Nationals– Offers student discount tickets in five seating locations


If you want to keep up appearances, you will need to make a few trips to a salon. However, salons can vary greatly when it comes to cost. And, many salons are far too expensive for the average student. Thankfully, there are plenty of other salons around the DC area that cater to students who need to maintain their hair while still being able to afford the essentials. Additionally, many area nail salons offer student discounts.


Dc is a healthy and fit city. You absolutely can find ways to exercise for free or for cheap. People frequently walk and bike, and you will find numerous fitness groups meet in the area parks. But, if you prefer a gym-like setting to maintain your fitness routine, you will be happy to discover that some DC gyms offer student discounts.


With the large number of free Smithsonian museums in DC, it seems a little silly to include museums that offer a student discount. However, some museums are worth the price on the ticket. Luckily for you, as a student, you can get in for even less than the price on the ticket!


You will end up spending a large chunk of money on food, so it makes sense to look for food discounts. We have only identified a few places that offer student discounts for food, but most places offer discounts and promotions to customers throughout the year.


Did you know that being a student also means you can get discounts on technology? For instance, Apple offers a percentage off when purchasing Apple products and Amazon offers a free six-month prime membership for students. Plus, Spotify offers $5 off your monthly subscription


While you will travel to DC with a suitcase full of clothes, it is likely you will want (or need) to buy some more clothes during your stay. For example, as seasons and temperatures change, so will your wardrobe. As winter arrives, you will need winter gear. Fortunately, many popular clothing stores offer student discounts.

Newspaper Subscriptions

For students learning English, a great way to use your student status is to receive a discount on newspaper subscriptions. Reading the news is a great way to learn English and stay up to date on what is happening nearby and around the world.

While it will cost money to study English in DC, think of it as a long-term investment. You are investing in your future. By learning English, you are improving your future career opportunities, which means you will have a return on your investment.

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10 Fantastic Places for Students Learning English to Study in DC
10 Fantastic Places for Students Learning English to Study in DC

Students who take English courses in Washington DC are lucky for a number of reasons. They are surrounded by native English Speakers and American culture at every turn. Plus, they have so many options for entertainment that they will never be bored.

From American universities to language schools in DC, students will have plenty of things to do to fill their time outside of classes. But, when it comes to studying, DC is also full of unique study spots and places to soak up the English language outside of a classroom.

Tips for Enjoying Life as a Student in Washington DC
Tips for Enjoying Life as a Student in DC

If you are one of the lucky students planning to attend one of the language schools in Washington DC, you are in for a life-changing experience. Not only will learning English change your life for the better, living in DC will be an experience you will never forget.

Students who take English courses in Washington DC will have a true language immersion experience. They will be surrounded by native English speakers, and they will be expected to immerse themselves in American culture. Everything from who they speak with to where they eat will require them to practice listening to and speaking English.

Why Washington DC is the Best Place to Prepare for Your IELTS
Why DC is the Best Place to Prepare for Your IELTS

The IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) test is taken by those who have plans to study at English-speaking institutions, to better their career opportunities, or those who wish to immigrate to English-speaking countries.

This high-stakes test is not a test that you can simply take and pass – it requires test preparation. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that serious students look for the best test preparation possible to receive passing scores on this test ensuring better possibilities for their futures.

Why the Inlingua Method is the Best Way to Learn English - inlingua Washington DC
Why the Inlingua Method is the Best Way to Learn English

So, you are thinking about learning English. That’s fantastic! Learning a foreign language (especially English) will only make your life better. Those who speak multiple languages tend to have better careers and sharper minds.

Learn English by Studying Abroad in DC - inlingua Washington DC
Want to Learn English by Studying Abroad? Look No Further Than Washington DC!

Now that you have decided to learn English through an immersive language program, the choice becomes where to study. But, honestly, this shouldn’t even be a question. Anyone wanting to learn English should study it where all the action happens – Washington DC!

Top 10 Fall Activities in Washington DC for English Students - inlingua Washington DC
Top 10 Fall Activities in DC for Students

Fall in DC is lovely. The summer crowds have disappeared, and the summer heat has dissipated. The city, itself, changes color. Students lucky enough to study English in Washington DC during the fall are in for a real treat.

The Best 15 Podcasts for Learning English - inlingua Washington DC
The Best 15 Podcasts for Learning English

A podcast is a series of digital audio episodes that can be downloaded and listened to on a user’s device at a user’s convenience. Like radio shows, podcasts are designed for an audience of active listeners. Like websites, most podcasts are produced in English; therefore, it is a medium that may be used by non-native speakers to develop their English language skills.

20 Books English Language Learners Will Love | inlingua Washington DC
20 Books English Language Learners Will Love

If you are someone who hates to read, you might just be reading the wrong books. When it comes to reading, especially for English language learners, you must choose the right books. Reading is an important part of understanding a language – and too often it is dismissed because it is “too hard.”

15 Popular TV Shows to Help You Learn English - inlingua Washington DC
15 Popular TV Shows to Help Learn Conversational English

Some people believe that watching television is for lazy people. Yes, watching tv can be a great way to relax at the end of the day. However, there is also a myriad of benefits that come from watching tv – especially for English language learners. Not only does this give English language learners a break from the textbooks, but it also gives them a more authentic way to hear and learn conversational English.