Why Learning a New Language is the Key to Success

Choosing to study a new language is an excellent choice. Not only will it open your eyes to the wider world, but it will also lead to greater success in your life. According to the Huffington Post, “Bilinguals build better brains!” and learning another language has cognitive, social and health benefits. Therefore, it is understandable that those who speak more than one language find greater success than those who only speak one language as they have more opportunities. Today, let’s look at many of the ways learning a new language is the key to success.

Better Brain Power

When you study a new language, you are exercising your brain. Dan Roltman says, “Language learning improves your brain’s ability to focus. Learning a language physically changes your mind, ultimately making you a stronger, more creative thinker.” If your brain becomes stronger, then you will likely find more success than you would if you didn’t exercise your brain with language learning.

Better Educational Opportunities

Learning another language will also lead to better educational opportunities. For instance, if you only speak one language, then you will only be able to attend schools or universities where this language is spoken.

However, if you study another language, you will be able to attend far more schools. Students who attend language schools in Washington DC will better their chances of attending American universities – especially if they take the TOEFL or IELTS at an English test center and earn passing scores. This is because these test scores accepted as evidence of English proficiency by 10,000 institutions.

Plus, studies have shown that students who study another language perform better academically. They earn higher scores on standardized tests and have better literacy skills.

Better Employment Options

While it is well known that those who received better educations have better employment options, it is also the case that those who speak more than one language are more hirable than their peers. As society becomes more global, employers are looking for individuals who can communicate with multiple people groups. Additionally, those who are multilingual are highly desired in certain career fields, such as the military, to work as interpreters and translators.

Better Career Advancement Possibilities

Not only do those who speak more than one language offered more employment opportunities, but they are also more likely to advance in their careers. Their ability to speak another language makes them stand out to employers, which is important in today’s competitive workplaces. Likewise, speaking another language will make it easier for you to switch careers later in life. As experts usually point out, “One of the best ways to advance your career is to complete industry-specific certifications or go back to school to get a degree.” This also applies to language learning.

Better Awareness and Understanding

When you study another language, you study much more than vocabulary and grammar. Students who are enrolled in language schools in DC are immersed in American culture. They learn English by being surrounded by people who speak it, but they also learn about American holidays, customs, and people. This is true for whatever language you choose to learn.

According to The Atlantic, “A new study (paywall) suggests that children who speak multiple languages are better at understanding other people.” By learning a new language, you become more aware of the world around you. This awareness brings understanding. Both of which are paramount for success.

Better Analytical Skills

The ability to analyze situations and make logical decisions is key to being successful. This is one wonderful benefit of studying a foreign language. As Dan Roltman explains, “A study completed last year showed that people thinking in a foreign language were more likely to consider a question more slowly and analytically than in their native language.”

As you study a new language, you work your brain, specifically through understanding linguistics and learning how a new language works as a whole. The more practice you have, the stronger your analytical skills. Therefore, learning a new language helps you improve your analytical skills.

Better Native Vocabulary

You may think learning a new language is simply about the other language, but it is also a way to better your native vocabulary. As you study a new language, you learn the ins and outs of grammar, which will help you better understand your language’s grammar. Furthermore, you will pick up more native vocabulary as you learn new words in another language.

Better Salary

If you have better educational opportunities and better employment options, you will likely earn a better salary than those who did not choose the language learning career path. Forbes reports, “Hourly wages are on average 34% higher for workers who speak fluent English and 13% higher for workers who speak a little English relative to workers who speak no English.” In other words, in the US, those who only speak their native language and not English earn significantly less.

Outside of jobs in the US, one study “found that studying a second language is correlated with about 2% more in annual income.” There is a clear correlation between speaking a second language and earning a better salary.

Attending Washington Language School inlingua Will Lead to Success

The Washington language institute inlingua offers an English program, as well as multiple Foreign language programs. The accredited school offers Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian, or many other languages.

Using the proven inlingua method, students learn to communicate fluently in the chosen language in less time than other language programs. In class, students speak 80% of the time giving them ample time to learn how to communicate in the target language while being directed by language trainers.

Plus, students get to study in the capital of the United States! Washington DC is a cultural melting pot with inlingua’s student body representing over 60 different nationalities. No matter which language you choose to study, there is bound to be someone for you to practice communicating within a real-world way.

Ready to learn a foreign language in Washington DC?

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