Why Learning a Foreign Language Helps You Rise in Your Career

As workplaces are becoming more globally-minded, it is crucial to develop foreign language skills to advance in your career. Increasingly, businesses are now needing job candidates to speak more than one language, which means bilingual job seekers are much more desirable.

While learning a new language is always a good idea, the extra motivation to rise in your career may be the extra push you need. Fortunately, the premiere Washington language school, inlingua, offers career-minded individuals the chance to master a new language in less time than other programs through its unique communicative method.

If you are worried about losing out on a job or a promotion to someone younger, you can improve your chances by making yourself more marketable. One of the most effective ways to set yourself apart in the workplace is to take a language class. Let’s look at some of the other reasons why learning a foreign language will help you rise in your career.

Before You Begin Your Career

If you are just now beginning to plan for your future career, you need to stop and consider how language acquisition will help your prospects. As we mentioned above, more and more businesses are seeking employees who can speak multiple languages. Additionally, studies suggest interpreters and translators are some of the fastest growing occupations. Therefore, you should look into which languages are in-demand in your field and begin studying these languages.

Additionally, think about what you want to do and where you want to live. For instance, if you want to travel for your career or live abroad, you must become proficient in a foreign language. Candidates who can speak a foreign language will always stand out above the rest when it comes to careers abroad. Consider studying at a language school in Washington DC before you enter the workforce to improve your career chances.

If You Want a Raise

If you are already in your career field and want a raise, a great way to show your value is to learn a new language. This will show your company you are valuable because you are able to communicate in another language with its customers. Your bosses will appreciate your efforts to learn to communicate effectively with clients – especially because this opens the doors to more clients who speak in other languages.

When your boss recognizes your value, this results in a pay raise. Studies have shown that employees who speak more than one language earn more than their peers. For example, according to research, those who speak multiple languages in the military can earn up to $1000 more a month than their peers.

If You Want a Promotion

If you want a promotion, mastering a foreign language that is relevant to your career is one way to show your worth. Rather than becoming content in your career, you are showing a desire to continue to learn and grow. In fact, mammy companies have tuition reimbursement or professional development funds available. Individuals who are continuously seeking ways to improve their careers will earn promotions and move up the ladder.

For instance, those in the tech industry are constantly having to evolve and learn new skills. One thing that can set you apart in the tech industry is to learn to speak Asian languages, such as Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. But, the tech industry is not the only career field where speaking a foreign language can earn you a promotion – everything from nonprofits to legal careers, security to hospitality are now requiring job candidates to speak a second language, such as Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, German, or Farsi.

Rather than lose a promotion to someone younger, stay on top of field by studying at the Washington language school, inlingua, to learn how to communicate clearly and effectively in a foreign language. Inlingua offers multiple foreign learning opportunities to help you achieve success in the workplace.

If You Want to Change Your Career Path

If you want to change your career path, then one of your goals should be to become fluent in a foreign language. As more companies become global, they are seeking bilingual job candidates, so now is the best time to take language classes. You will be competing for new jobs or new assignments against others who are bilingual. If you are not, there is a big possibility you will be passed over.

Instead, study at a language school in Washington to improve your chances of finding the career you love. Learning a foreign language will open more career possibilities. From conducting business with foreigners to traveling abroad, bilingual speakers are highly desirable. No matter your age or life season, adding language classes to your resume will further your career and allow you to pursue more opportunities.

High Priority Languages for Your Field

As you are considering how language acquisition will improve your career, you need to identify the languages that will be most helpful. While all language acquisition is helpful, some languages are more needed, depending on the field. To achieve career success by mastering a foreign language, you should choose to study the high priority languages for your field.

  • Nonprofit– The nonprofit world is greatly varied. Therefore, it is important to consider the community the nonprofit you work for serves. For instance, if the community served is predominantly Russian, you should study Russian. At this time, most nonprofit organizations working with clients in the USA seek job candidates who are orally fluent in Spanish, while organizations working in West Africa may require French.
  • Government/Military– According to Alana Vye, “the government is specifically looking for Americans with skills in hard-to-learn languages from the Near East, South Asia and East Asia.” For example, there is a high demand for employees who speak Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Dari, Pashto and Urdu. Fortunately, the premiere Washington language institute, inlingua, offers private tutoring to help prepare students for the Foreign Service Officer Language Test, which is a necessary requirement for language-oriented government careers.
  • Business and Engineering – As the business world becomes more global, most successful businesses grow by reaching out to clientele and suppliers in other countries. Therefore, it is necessary for business owners and employees to strengthen their language acquisition skills to communicate with their counterparts around the globe. In particular, employees who speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, and/or Mandarin Chinese are highly sought after.

If you want to advance in your career, becoming an expert in a foreign language is the perfect way to show your desire to become an essential employee in your workplace.Save

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