My Experience in Inlingua

I did my internship at Inlingua Washington DC. I worked with Laura Medina, who is the Marketing and Sales Manager. At first, I noticed that Inlingua is a great place to work because the staff members are very friendly and helpful. The environment is great and the students are very friendly to all people.

In my internship at Inlingua, I was involved in the Marketing area. I had some great tasks like write on a blog about my experiences, write the feedback for the social activities that I attended, filmed a congratulations video for Inlingua’s partner, Boalingua, among others. But my favorite activity in Inlingua, was to attend the Social Activities. In the Social Activities we have the Conversation Club and we visit different touristic places like museums, monuments and parks. So this was my favorite because I met people from all around the world that study In Inlinga and I went to the museums and touristic places with them. I had a great time in Inlingua and I will never forget this experience and the people I met.

I am thankful for this opportunity of working in a great place, with great people because I learned a lot and I hope to come back one day to Inlingua Washington DC.

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