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9 Non-Academic Reasons to Study English in Washington DC

If you are making the wise decision to study English or looking for language schools in DC, now you need to see why you should learn English in Washington DC. DC is home to multiple academic institutions, as well as the premiere Washington language school, inlingua.

Washington DC is a global city that will offer you the full tourism experience plus exciting learning opportunities. In DC, you will be surrounded by opportunities to learn English and expand your knowledge. However, there are so many other non-academic reasons to enroll in long-term English courses in Washington DC.

1. Free Attractions Galore

Washington DC is home to several national monuments that are free for public viewing. The Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, or the Tidal Basin with its spectacular views of the Jefferson Memorial are all free for you to visit and see up close. Additionally, most of the amazing Smithsonian museums, such as the National Museum of Natural History and National Air and Space Museum, are free to visit year-round. Plus, there are always free public events around the National Mall.

2. Four Seasons

If you want to truly experience all four seasons, then DC is a wonderful place to enroll in a intensive English language program. This is because DC has a beautiful Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, each with distinct temperatures and scenery. Fall in DC is beautiful and less crowded than other times of the year, with children back in school and the leaves changing colors. Winter brings light snow and Christmas lights. Spring is a beautiful time of year when the Cherry Blossom Trees come back to life and bloom along the Tidal Basin. Summer is hot and full of sunshine and people, with many outdoor activities such as baseball on the National Mall or kayaking on the Potomac River.

3. An Amazing Food Scene

The DC food scene is incredible. If you are a foodie, you will be overwhelmed by all the culinary options that greet you in DC. Not only is there great diversity in the food choices, but there is also a huge number of restaurants to choose from. The National Restaurant Association reported the DC restaurant saturation is 332.2 restaurants per 100,000 people. You can experience everything from food trucks to high-end brunches to luxury fine dining in DC, with every ethnic food option easily available.

3. Limitless Job Opportunities

Business is booming in DC, which means there are limitless job opportunities. Job seekers are flocking to the city for a chance to land their dream jobs or work their way up the corporate ladder. Washington DC offers more than just government jobs – it is also a major hub for several industries including IT, tourism, healthcare, law, non-profits, and journalism. For instance, the English language school in DC, inlingua, works with Au Pairs to complete their annual 6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), as required by the US State Department.

5. Diversity Abounds

DC is a globally-rich city where diversity is celebrated. If you want to become a true global citizen, DC offers the chance to develop friendships with people from all over the world. When you live and study English in Washington DC, you will be surrounded by a group of diverse people growing and learning together. Your classes will be diverse – just as the DC streets are filled with people from every country on earth. As the capital of the US, the District is often visited by people internationally. In addition, embassies and international organizations bring citizens from more than 180 countries to live and work in the city. Therefore, it is a town with an eclectic mix of ethnicities, where people respect those who look and speak differently.

6. Rich in Culture

Washington DC is rich in culture with multiple art galleries and museums, as well as several theater and event venues. When you study English in DC, you will be saturated in culture. Everything from the food to the music to the art becomes a part of everyday life. Learning does not happen only in the classroom – in DC, you learn everywhere you go.

Students who enroll in the Washington language school, inlingua, learn through cultural immersion activities. Rather than stay in a dorm watching television, students are encouraged to have fun and to embrace the culture that surrounds them. This may mean attending a sporting event or a live concert or a theatre performance.

7. A Front Seat to Politics

As the capital of the United States of America, students will have a front row seat to American politics. They can see the White House and the Capitol, as well as see politicians in action. For instance, students in DC don’t have to travel to attend momentous events like the Presidential Inauguration – they get to see it happen in their own backyard! Plus, with its political climate, it is also normal to be a part of political protests, marches, or rallies.

8. Health & Fitness is Paramount

Another interesting thing about DC that many people do not know is that it has been rated the healthiest city in the USA for multiple years. DC locals are active, healthy, and fit. It is common to see people walking, running, and biking through DC’s busy streets. People exercise in the various parks around town and practice healthy eating. For fitness junkies, DC is the place to be.

9. Accessible Transportation

Since DC offers so many places to go and things to do, it is fortunate that it has easily accessible transportation. Its transportation system runs outside of the city as far as Virginia and Maryland, allowing visitors and commuters to travel to various places with ease. The DC Metro System is a convenient system of underground and above ground tracks that take travelers to all the popular tourist destinations. You will never have to worry about how you will get from one place to the next with the use of the Metro. Plus, it is inexpensive!

By now it should be obvious that DC is more than just a wonderful place to learn English or pursue academics. It is also a fun, exciting, global city. You will learn more about yourself and the world in the time you spend in DC than you will anywhere else. This is because DC has it all.

Ready to have some fun and learn something new at the same time? Contact us for more information today!

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