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3 Secrets to Learning English That Everyone Misses

If you are interested in studying English, you may be feeling a little anxious about how you will learn the language. Many language learners feel nervous and unsure when they first embark on these types of learning experiences; however, we’ve identified 3 secrets to learning English that everyone misses.

Most people become so focused on learning the vocabulary and grammar that they miss doing these simple things to help them learn English faster and easier. For example, why would you begin learning English blindly? You need some idea about how to learn the language and be successful from the very beginning.

1. Set Goals

The individuals who will be the most successful at learning English are the people who are motivated. If you really want to learn English, you are more likely to focus on it. Along these same lines, those who are motivated set realistic language learning goals for themselves. These same people strive to be confident and believe in themselves rather than being too hard on themselves when they struggle. And, when they reach a goal, they celebrate and reward themselves!

Setting realistic goals is necessary for success. For example, Washington language school, inlingua, offers nine levels of courses from beginner to proficient. Students can set goals to complete one course and move up to the next level. Additionally, inlingua is an English test center for students taking IELTS and/or TOEFL English proficiency exams. Aiming for a specific score on these exams is a very effective motivation for language learning.

One of the best ways you can achieve your goals is to make changes to your lifestyle that show you are committed to success. For instance, rather than trying to learn English solely online, you should attend a language school overseas rather than in your own country. This will reinforce the idea that you are highly motivated to achieve your goal. Fortunately, schools like inlingua, make it possible to study English in Washington, DC and immerse yourself in an English-speaking culture.

2. Speak in English, Think in English, Write in English

Now, you’ve set your goals, so you are ready to start learning English. First things first – put down the textbook! Do not spend all your time trying to learn English from a textbook. This will only teach you to master grammar and words rather than understanding how all the pieces of language work together for communication.

Instead, you should use every opportunity to communicate in English with others. This means not only should you speak in English, you should listen carefully while others speak English. This will help you understand how phrases are said and which words are emphasized. You should also watch how others communicate. Body language and gestures are key parts of communication.

For example, students who study English in Washington DC at inlingua speak 70% of the time in the classroom with books usually closed during class time. This method has helped students gain deeper fluency faster. This language school in DC focuses on helping students learn how to understand, communicate, and interact with others in another language.

In addition to practicing verbal communication, you should also think in English while you are away from others. This may sound silly, but you want to practice English all the time. This means when you have left the classroom, you should think in English while you are doing your chores, cooking your meal, or walking through your home. In your mind, use English to explain what you are doing or seeing.

Another great tip is to keep an English journal where you write in English daily. It can be something very simple like describing what you did that day in English. By writing in English, you are not only practicing, you are also keeping track of all the new words and phrases you are learning.

3. Have Fun!

The last secret to learning English is to have fun! Students often forget that learning a new language should be fun. They begin to work through a textbook begrudgingly rather than experiencing the language in a new and exciting way.

For one, make English-speaking friends. A great benefit of learning English is the ability to communicate with others and develop relationships because of your new skill. Students who choose language schools in Washington, DC, such as inlingua, will be surrounded by a wide variety of cultures.

These types of schools also provide tons of opportunities that turn fun tourist experiences into language learning opportunities. Cultural events, social excursions, and social programs are fun opportunities to work on mastering English fluency! Additionally, try to find things you love and add learning English to these activities. For example, listen to music in English or watch television and movies with English subtitles.

Don’t get bogged down trying to read material that is too advanced. Reading should be fun! Begin with reading children’s books and comics and English. This is an entertaining way to quickly developed your English. Instead of focusing on your mistakes, focus on what you are learning and do more of the things you enjoy.

To Wrap Up

Deciding to learn English is one of the best decisions you can make. It will further your education and your career. You will be provided with more opportunities. But, far too often, people hesitate to learn English or get stuck because they are focusing on the wrong techniques.

These three simple secrets can make all the difference in your success. Begin by setting achievable goals. Do not blindly jump into learning English without a clear goal. If not, you may become frustrated because you may think you are not learning English quickly enough.

Use English as often as possible – communicate with others frequently, think in English after you leave conversations and the classroom, and try to write in English as well. The more you practice, the faster you will master the language.

Finally, have fun! Learning a new language should be exciting. Look for ways to make learning enjoyable and valuable to your personal life.Save




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