20 Fun Ways to Learn the English Language

20 Fun Ways to Learn the English Language
20 Fun Ways to Learn the English Language

At this point, it is well understood that learning a second (or third) language is beneficial. Not only will it strengthen your cognitive skills, but it will also improve your overall quality of life. But even though people know this is true, they hesitate because they think learning a new language will be too difficult and will not be any fun. These people couldn’t be any more wrong! Language learning is fun, and we have listed twenty unique ways to incorporate fun into language learning.

1. Play around on social media.

We all spend endless amounts of time on social media because it is fun and easy. So, why not make social media part of your language learning fun? There are several ways to do so. You can change your language settings on your favorite social media sites to your target language, or you can follow celebrities who speak the target language. You should also make a point to follow language schools in DC to keep up to date on the latest news and info.

2. Download language learning apps and games to your phone.

No matter your tastes, there is sure to be a mobile app or game that appeals to you. Today’s mobile language learning apps and games are designed to make language learning fun. Whether you want an app that allows you to watch video clips in a foreign language with translations or a game that motivates you to keep learning new vocabulary, these are great ways to supplement language learning.

3. Binge-watch television and watch foreign films.

If you are itching to study English in Washington DC, begin your language learning experience by binge-watching American television and watching American movies. If you are aiming to learn a different language, do the same!

4. Study abroad.

Quite possibly the very best way and most fun way to learn a language is to study abroad. Students who attend language schools in Washington DC get to immerse themselves in the language and the culture while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

5. Listen to music and sing karaoke.

Music lovers should add music to their language studies. Listen to your favorite foreign singers and bands often. And, when you get brave enough, head to a karaoke bar and attempt to sing your favorite songs in the language they are sung originally.

6. Play online computer or video games.

Want to practice your target language during your downtime? Try playing video games or computer games online where you speak to teammates and competitors using your target language. You will get to play something you enjoy and practice speaking informally in the target language.

7. Talk to strangers online.

Similarly, many language learners find they enjoy using online apps and tools to practice communicating in a foreign language with strangers. Language exchange apps, such as Bilingua, pair language learners with native speakers so you can email, text, or video chat as a unique way to practice informal conversation.

8. Read comic books or magazines.

Reading in a foreign language doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Instead, read things that you enjoy, such as comic books or trashy magazines. Either way, you are reading fun material and practicing reading in a foreign language.

9. Date someone who speaks the language.

If you are feeling lonely or simply someone who enjoys meeting new people, take advantage of the many dating apps and go on a date with a native speaker. Just be sure you let the individual you ask out understands you are a new language learner.

10. Cook a meal by watching a foreign cooking show.

Those who are experts in the kitchen will love trying to cook a meal using a foreign recipe or following along with a foreign cooking show. Not only will you end up with a delicious meal, but you will also be learning essential words that you will use in everyday life.

11. Order and eat a meal in an ethnic restaurant.

Whenever possible, try to expose yourself to people and the culture of the language you wish to learn. For instance, students at the Washington language school, inlingua, can visit and enjoy food from all over the world. When they visit these ethnic restaurants, they can try to order in the native language.

12. Listen to podcasts about subjects you enjoy.

No matter how niche your favorite subject may be, there is bound to be a podcast on the topic. Find a podcast about your favorite subject in the foreign language and listen. Over time, you will discover you understand more and more.

13. Exercise along with videos in the target language.

Do you like to exercise? You can even use exercising as a way to have fun while learning a new language! Watch foreign exercise videos and follow along. Or, find a language partner to exercise with throughout the week.

14. Spend your extra time falling down the YouTube hole.

Like podcasts, YouTube has a plethora of videos about anything and everything. Give yourself some freedom to sit back and watch endless videos on YouTube in the target language. Better yet – find your favorite YouTube channel in the target language and subscribe, so you never miss a new video.

15. Travel and travel some more.

We cannot emphasize the importance of traveling for language learning. Traveling is fun, but when you travel to a country where you get to practice your new language skills, it is like a whole new world has opened to you.

16. Shop in an ethnic neighborhood.

Do you like to shop ‘til you drop? Then head to the ethnic neighborhood and do your shopping. For example, students taking an English class in DC can head to popular American shopping malls to practice reading and speaking in English.

17. Find a local language meetup group.

If you are in a new place, go online, and find a local language meetup group. You will be happy to find you are not the only one striving to learn the language. And you will make new friends!

18. Watch or listen to sports.

Sports lovers can turn their favorite pastime into a language-learning opportunity. Watch or listen to your favorite sports in the target language. Better yet – go to a game!

19. Play board games.

Games like I Spy or 20 Questions are great ways to practice communicating in the foreign language. You can make either of these games as simple or difficult as you like. Just remember – the point of a game is to have fun playing!

20. Read articles on Wikipedia.

Did you know Wikipedia articles have been translated in over 300 languages? Spend some time reading articles about your favorite subjects in the target language.

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