15 Reasons You Must Study English in Washington DC

Reasons You Must Study English in Washington DC
15 Reasons You Must Study English in Washington DC

You know you need to learn English. You know you’d rather learn English through an immersive experience rather than an online course. Now you just need to decide where you want to study English. We can answer that question for you. We have fifteen reasons why you need to check out language schools in Washington DC.

1. DC Offers a True Immersive Experience

Some things are simply learned best through immersion – language is one of them. When it comes to learning English, you want to study it in a place where English is prevalent. A place where it is spoken regularly, and it is written on signage. As the capital of the United States, DC is the perfect place to immerse yourself in American culture and the English language.

2. DC is a Global City

While English is the main form of communication in DC, a major benefit of taking English courses in Washington DC is that you will get to experience far more than American culture. DC is a global city that people from all over the world now call home. It is also home to more than 150 embassies and international cultural centers.

3. DC is a Young City

Some people think because it is the center of American politics that DC is composed of older people. They are wrong! DC is a young city. The average age is 34 years old, which is below the national average.

4. DC is Eco-Friendly

Many people do not realize that this bustling metropolitan area is actually one of the greenest cities in America. DC has taken huge strides to make sure the city is doing more to protect the environment. Those who choose to study here will be happy to learn DC has programs encouraging recycling and composting, as well as efforts to lessen the city’s overall carbon footprint through sustainable transportation.

5. DC is the Hub of American History

What better place to learn American history than the place where American history has been made? In addition to the United States Capitol, DC is also home to the White House and several National Monuments that preserve American history.

6. DC Has the Best Transportation System in the US

A major perk of studying abroad in DC to learn English is that you do not have to worry about transportation. The DC Metro is one of the best public transportation systems in the United States. And, if you don’t feel like taking the Metro rail or the bus, then you can rent a bike using the Capital Bikeshare Program.

7. DC’s Location is Superb

While there is plenty of things to do to keep you busy in DC, students attending language schools in DC can visit other popular destinations in the US easily because of DC’s superb location. For example, you can take a direct bus from DC to New York City. Plus, DC has two major airports making it easy to fly.

8. DC is Made for Tourism

Tourists flock to DC, and for a good reason! DC is home to amazing attractions, including the 17 Smithsonian museums. In addition to these fabulous museums and all the historical monuments, DC is also home to professional sports teams and the International Spy Museum.

9. DC has Four Seasons

If you want to study English in a location that gets all the weather you see when watching American films or television, then DC is ideal. Unlike other places in the US, DC does experience four true seasons. Summer is hot and sunny, fall is crisp and full of autumnal colors, winter is cold and snowy, and spring is warm and blooms in pastel.

10. DC is Fun

You can probably guess it after reading the previous reasons, but DC is a fun city! There is always something fun going on around the district, whether it is an outdoor festival or aquatic activities in the summer. You will never be bored in DC.

11. DC is Non-Saturated

If you want an immersive English language experience, then you want to be in a place where English is commonly spoken. Even though DC is a proud global city, it is still non-saturated. For example, DC has a below average number of 9% Hispanic/Latino residents, which makes DC an ideal location for Spanish speakers to learn English.

12. DC is Budget-Friendly

You may be thinking that DC sounds great but expensive. You’re wrong! DC is a budget-friendly city! Most of the fun things we mentioned previously are FREE! Most of the Smithsonian museums are free, as well as the national monuments. Plus, during the summer months, there are several free outdoor movies and concerts.

13. DC is a Healthy City

DC is a walkable city, and those who call DC home make good use of walking. That’s one of the reasons why DC was named the fittest city in America for three years in a row and still holds the title as the third fittest city in the US.

14. DC is Home to the Largest IELTS Testing Center in the US

If you need an English test center, then you will be happy to learn DC is home to the largest IELTS Testing Center in the US at inlingua. Imagine being able to study English in the same place where you will take the necessary tests to show your fluency.

15. DC is Home to inlingua

Finally, DC is home to the Washington language school, inlingua. Inlingua is the best language school in DC and has been serving students for over thirty years. Using the inlingua method, language trainers teach students how to communicate in English in small classes where students speak 80% of the time. inlingua not only works with students to learn English and pass the TOEFL or the IELTS, but they also work with students to meet university language requirements.

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