12 Tips for Learning English for Each Month of 2019

12 Tips for Learning English for Each Month of the Year
12 Tips for Learning English for Each Month of 2019

So, you’ve resolved to learn English in 2019 – this is one of the best resolutions you can make! Good for you! Learning English will change your life for the better. However, as anyone who has ever made a resolution can tell you if you don’t make plans to make your resolution come true, you are bound to fail.

Fortunately, learning English is not impossible. With the right plan, it is not only possible, but it is also fun! We’re here today to help you form a plan for making your resolution to learn English actually happen. With twelve months in the year, we’ve chosen twelve tips that will make it easier to learn English month by month in 2019

1. Set Goals

First things first, you must set clear goals. Without goals, you will be directionless. When it comes to learning a new language, you must have direction. Begin by considering why you want to learn English. Are you pursuing English for the sake of learning the language alone? Or, do you need to learn English to attend a primarily English-speaking university? Do you need to learn English for your career? Do you need to learn English to pass the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam?

By acknowledging why you want to learn English, you can set clear goals such as learn English to be fluent in conversation with native English speakers or to pass an English examination. You can also take this article a step further by creating monthly goals for your English language learning such as the number of new vocabulary words you want to learn each month or English grammar skill you want to master.

2. Attend Language School Overseas

If you are serious about wanting to learn English, then you should consider attending a language school overseas. For instance, students who take English courses in Washington DC will be immersed in the language. They will not only attend an English class in DC, but they will also be surrounded by people speaking English forcing them to practice speaking English regularly.

Additionally, it is important to study at one of the best language schools in DC like inlingua, a premier Washington language school. At inlingua, students will be guided through their English language learning experience by native English trainers and will easily access to their English test center.

3. Make Friends with Native English Speakers

The best way to learn English is to use English – and the most effective way to gain practice using English is to talk with friends. In particular, spend time with your friends who are native English speakers. You will learn how tone and body language is used to affect meaning. Plus, your friends are more likely to give you gentle correction when needed.

4. Use Language Learning Apps

There are a ton of excellent language learning apps available such as Duolingo. There are even apps that allow you to practice using English with another person. Take one month of 2019 to download your favorite language learning apps and then actually use them! Use the apps when you are riding the metro or sitting in your dorm. Find the apps that you find the most appealing and put them to good use.

5. Listen to Music and Podcasts in English

An enjoyable way to learn English is to listen to music. Find musicians and bands with beats that you love. Spend time learning the English lyrics and watching their music videos. Additionally, there are millions of podcasts available to listen to in English covering every subject possible. Think about the things that you are most interested in and find a podcast to subscribe to and follow. Plus, there are podcasts that are designed for English language learners.

6. Watch TV in English

Another fun way to learn English is to spend time watching American or British television shows. Turn on the English subtitles, so you practice reading and listening in English. With cable and streaming, you have endless options available. We’re sure you will find a show you love to watch, but we suggest starting with a traditional American sitcom such as Friends.

7. Read Books Written in English

One month make a list of books written in English you’d like to read. Start wherever you can – even if this means children’s books! Children’s books are great ways to learn English because they use simple sentences. After you read children’s books, move on to graphic novels or comic books. Then, move on to young adult novels.

8. Write a Blog

Look for chances to practice writing in English. Many students who study English abroad write a blog. A blog allows you to practice writing in English while keeping an online travel diary. Your friends and family back home will be able to read your blog to see all about your visit to the States and read about what you are learning.

9. Study with Classmates

While immersion is the most effective way to learn English, you will benefit greatly from actually studying. Form a study group with classmates in your English classes. Get together to study off-campus before upcoming tests and to have review sessions before you take the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

10. Immerse Yourself in American Activities

Often, we learn when we do not even realize it. For example, during your stay in the States, take time to immerse yourself in American activities. By simply visiting museums, concerts, sports games, and movies, you will be picking up English as you observe it used naturally.

11. Learn and Use a New Word Every Day

Make it a point one month to learn a new vocabulary word every day. By the end of the month, you will know at least 30 more English words than you did the previous month. Most likely, you will feel like this is an easy goal and will make it part of your everyday routine each month.

12. Practice Speaking English in the Real World

Last but not least, look for opportunities to practice speaking English in the real world. For instance, use English to order your meal in a restaurant. Use English when interacting with cashiers at grocery stores. Use English when you meet someone new.

Ready to make your new year’s resolution come true? Test your English today to see where you stand.