10 Fantastic Places for Students Learning English to Study in DC

10 Fantastic Places for Students Learning English to Study in DC
10 Fantastic Places for Students Learning English to Study in DC

Students who take English courses in Washington DC are lucky for a number of reasons. They are surrounded by native English Speakers and American culture at every turn. Plus, they have so many options for entertainment that they will never be bored.

From American universities to language schools in DC, students will have plenty of things to do to fill their time outside of classes. But, when it comes to studying, DC is also full of unique study spots and places to soak up the English language outside of a classroom.

Students who are taking an English class in DC should first understand that studying English involves practicing English. This means that their studying won’t be solely done through memorizing a textbook. Instead, English language learners should look for opportunities to listen to English and practice speaking it.

However, when you do need time to work on writing English or reading English, we’ve identified ten fantastic places for students to study in DC.

Central Coffee and Bar

Students who attend the Washington language school, inlingua, will be happy to discover Central Coffee and Bar is located on the same floor as their classes. This makes it a very convenient location for inlingua students to study in between classes with their inlingua classmates. Have a cup of coffee, sit back and listen to the conversations around you or join in one yourself.

Kogod Courtyard in the National Portrait Gallery

The Kogod Courtyard is a beautiful glass-covered courtyard within the National Portrait Gallery. The National Portrait Gallery is free to visit, and the courtyard is a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus, it’s wavy glass-roof means students who study will get to enjoy the natural light without dealing with the elements. It truly is a sanctuary in the middle of the city, and one that is perfect for quiet studying.

Library of Congress

Whether or not the Library of Congress Reading Room becomes your regular study spot, you absolutely must study here at least once. It is the quintessential place for academics; therefore, the perfect place to crack open your books. Plus, it is stunning. However, it does take a bit more effort to enter the esteemed Library of Congress reading room with guests having to procure a reading card, but the experience will be well worth it.

The National Mall Lawn

The National Mall lawn is a park governed by the United States National Park System surrounded by various museums and national monuments. Given its popularity, it is common to see students spread out on blankets or studying under the various shade trees. For those wanted to soak up every minute of American life while studying English in DC, this is a great way to spend your study hours. You will be able to people-watch and observe both locals and tourists.

US National Arboretum

Another beautiful place to study outdoors in DC is the US National Arboretum, which is free to visit year-round. The various sections of the arboretum, such as the Capitol Columns and Friendship Garden, work well for students studying. Bring your books, a blanket, some sunscreen, and your study buddies and get to work!

The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

The third-floor Lerner Room in the Hirshhorn Museum has floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views of the National Mall, and it has couches and large tables, which make it a wonderful place to spend some time studying. In addition to the unique Lerner Room, the museum also has a sculpture garden that will provide students with an opportunity to study amongst unique pieces of art in this creative greenspace.

Yards Park

Yards Park is another great place to study and do some people watching. Located on Anacostia River, this urban greenspace area offers scenic waterfront views, seating, and other attractions. It makes a lovely change of pace for students hoping to get outdoors and those who need more stimulation when studying. Plus, it is a great place to meet people to study and then get a bite to eat afterward.

A Public Library

The public libraries through the DC area are ideal spots for students to study. Not only is the atmosphere of a library conducive to studying, but they are also student-friendly. They have tables, free Wi-Fi, and study rooms. They are also perfect places to visit year-round – especially when it is cold or rainy. Take time to various the various libraries near your student accommodations and find the one that works best for you.

One of the Hundreds of Nearby Coffee Shops

When you arrive as a student to study English in Washington DC, you will quickly discover just how popular coffee shops are in the metro area. There is practically a coffee shop at the end of every street. You will also quickly learn that coffee shops are full of students studying and people working outside of an office. You can take your pick of local coffee shops or mega-chains like Starbucks.

Coffee shops offer students a place to stay caffeinated while studying, and many coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi and outlets for you to charge your devices. Also, unlike libraries, you are free to have conversations with your friends, which makes it a perfect place to practice listening and speaking English.

Snack and Study Spots

If studying makes you hungry, you are in luck! There are many study spots that offer students little bites or small meals that are also perfect for studying. For example, Panera Bread is a chain of restaurants that serves sandwiches, soups, salads, and baked goods. Their restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi, so it is common to see customers studying or working there.

Don’t Forget

Learning English requires much more than textbook memorization. As you make the exciting journey towards learning English in Washington DC, we hope you will make every effort to learn English by immersing yourself in the language. Speak English, read English, and listen to English every chance you get – this is the most effective way to study.

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